Day trip to London in my new bright orange jumper, new favourite colour! / I wish my desk space looked like this, it would make doing work so much more pleasant / Finished reading 'Girl Online' and actually really enjoyed it / Made a pact with myself to actually write in this everyday, think I've only missed one day so far!
 Toiling for my final collection, using the laser cut left overs to make a collar/ Absolutely love an Asos delivery especially when you win a £50 voucher so it's all free! / My final collection line up which is slowly getting together / Red velvet cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing and mini eggs, yum yum
What happens to my hair when it's been in a french plait for 2 days, wish it was like this all the time / Wishing and dreaming... / A day trip to Plymouth with the boyfriend for some stress relief / Little purchase in Topshop, love dainty earrings
Work fuel, these lasted a couple of days I promise! / Ordered Love, Tanya and I've nearly finished reading it already, love all the tips and tricks / My dissertation is finished, printed and bound reading to be handed in, eek! / Post deadline treat of hot chocolate and carrot cake, definitely well deserved

Hi everyone, I don't have any outfits photographed at the moment so I thought I would just upload a little instagram life update as I've been posting a lot on there recently. There is also a few sneak peaks into my final collection hidden in there. 

I had my feedback for my final collection line-up today and it went really well, they loved the concept and the designs of each outfit which was great. I just need to work on my prints which is fine as I wasn't 100% happy with them anyway, so uni work is looking up at the moment and I'm definitely the happiest I've been about it the whole time I've been at Uni!

Hope you're all well and having a good week.

Love, Julia

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thank you all much for your lovely words, they mean a lot! x

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