Hello everyone. As I officially finish University in June, the panic of how I'm going to fit everything in my room at home again has begun. Having a full room at University and then a full room at home is going to pose some problems especially when I try to fit everything in my wardrobe! My wardrobe at home was overflowing even before I went to University and proceeded to spend my student loan on more clothes from Topshop and ASOS.. so when I move back home I am going to have a serious clear out and be brutal about throwing clothes out.


In the spirit of downsizing I thought I would do two little 'wishlist' posts, one of how I would love my wardrobe to look if I wasn't such a hoarder and then the other showing some key classic pieces that I would definitely keep in my wardrobe. All of the items of clothes are from Topshop all from the new in section so are still available to buy but obviously a lot of clothes websites and shops will sell similar things!

Hope you like this sort of post!

Love, Julia

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  1. I love everything in your wishlist, especially the jumpsuit and the stripy tee. Good luck with downsizing, on the plus side hopefully you can make some money or eBay or Depop! x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. Think the jumpsuit is my fave! That's true, I will need it haha x

  2. Gorgeous! Everything is just so perfect ♥


thank you all much for your lovely words, they mean a lot! x

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