DIY Baggy Trousers


From this:

To this!
Hi everyone! Another DIY kind of post for you today so I hope you like it. I found these trousers at an Indian clothing stall at Womad for £1 and even though they looked like something that MC Hammer would wear, I thought for only £1 I couldn't pass them up.

To make them fit me, I traced round a pair of trousers with the same shape that I wanted to create and then just sewed the seams tighter and altered the waistband and length too. The embellishments were on an old top that I didn't wear so I unpicked them and sewed them onto the waistband to 'jazz' them up a bit!

What do you think?

Love, Julia


p.s I got a haircut!

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  1. You did a great job on these julia, they look great and such a steal at 1£.x

  2. These look fab! You're so clever, I'd have no clue how to alter anything x

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thank you all much for your lovely words, they mean a lot! x

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